Gary Grider

LANL Director, ISSDM

Deputy Division Leader, Los Alamos National Lab

Gary currently is the Deputy Division Leader of the High Performance Computing (HPC) Division at Los Alamos National Laboratory, where he is responsible for managing the personnel and processes required to stand up and operate major supercomputing systems, networks, and storage systems for the Laboratory for both the DOE/NNSA Advanced Simulation and Computing (ASC) program and LANL institutional HPC environments. One of his main tasks is conducting and sponsoring R&D to keep the new technology pipeline full and provide solutions to problems in the Lab’s HPC environment. Gary is also the LANL lead in coordinating DOE/NNSA alliances with universities in the HPC I/O and file systems area. He is one of the principal leaders of a small group of multi-agency HPC I/O experts that guide the government in its I/O related computer science R&D investments through the High End Computing Interagency Working Group HECIWG, and is the Director of the Los Alamos/UCSC Institute for Scientific Scalable Data Management and the Los Alamos/CMU Institute for Reliable High Performance Information Technology. He is also the LANL PI for the Petascale Data Storage Institute, a SciDAC2 Institute award-winning project. Before working for Los Alamos, Gary spent 10 years with IBM at Los Alamos working on advanced product development and test and 5 years with Sandia National Laboratories working on HPC storage systems.

Gary holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering along with a registration for certified engineer from Oklahoma State University and the State of Oklahoma. He also received an M.B.A. with emphasis in Management Information Systems, Statistics, Physics, and Mathematics from Oklahoma State University. By far the bulk of Gary's knowledge comes from daily hands on research, design, prototyping, development and testing of new systems and hardware, and through mentoring of people and projects within the high performance storage and network areas.

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