Keynote 2013

Futures: Prepare for Massive Change

Per Brashers / Yttibrium Consulting

The industry is at a series of inflection points, and they are all converging at nearly the same time. Changes in how storage is going to evolve, changes in networks, changes in memory systems, and even the CPU will be different in a few short years. Not to mention the costs associated with running these mongo-data centers is driving a whole new way of handling equipment and how it is cooled. This talk will focus on a few select areas that affect application designers now, and ignore many of the trends that will become a problem in years to come.

Bio: Per Brashers Founder, Yttibrium Consulting

Per Brashers is an inventor, strategist, and the founder of Yttibrium LLC, a consultancy focused on BigData infrastructure solutions. He has experience in industry and academia, ranging from enterprise storage to high performance computing, and has been a senior strategist for storage heavyweights such as EMC, DDN, and facebook. He holds 16 patents and patent-pending inventions, with over 25 years in the business. Per has designed systems to support scalable BigData solutions, and brings the business savvy to help organizations derive value from data. Per is a long-time supporter and charter member of OpenCompute, having architected OpenVault and the ColdStorage solutions. He has a passion for efficiency and efficient solutions. Outside work, Per's interests include amateur radio, home brewing, and growing organic vegetables. Per can be reached at